Collection of exercises and methodically elaborated training units for team handball coaches that have been developed in close collaboration with our handball teams.

Suitable for all age groups and competitive areas – from youth to adult teams.


Collections of exercises:

Step-by-step training for successful offense stategies against the 6-0 defense systemVaried handball shooting drillsCompetitive games for your everyday handball trainingFrom warm-up to handball team play

 Exercise of the month:
June 2019

Goalkeeper Series of shots

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Training units

Find training units on the following topics: Defense, Offense, Endurance, Strengthening, Speed, Jumping power, Coordination, and Goalkeeper. 
We will issue a new training unit once a week which is also available as subscription, if desired

Find free reading samples on the individual topics here



New ebook/paperback

Systematic development of handball offense concepts -
Game opening with variants and continuous playing options


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News and new training units:

2019/06/03: "022 - 1-on-1 and 2-on-2 defense with quick adjustment to subsequent actions"

2019/06/01: Free exercise of the month "Goalkeeper: Series of shots" is online 

2019/04/01: "Defense training: Collaboration and prevention of breakthroughs"

2019/03/01: Free exercise of the month "Fast adjustment and winning the ball" is online

2019/02/01: Free exercise of the month "Ball familiarization" is online

2019/01/07: "020 - Intense speed strength/speed strength endurance training with various running directions"

2019/01/01: Free exercise of the month "Shooting at targets" is online

2019/01/01: "019 - Step-by-step development of initial actions after a fast throw-off"

2019/01/01: "018 - Breaking away from man coverage using running feints" on Facebook
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