Minihandball training and handball training for young kids

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Title: Minihandball training and handball training for young kids
ISBN: 978-3-95641-091-8
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No.: 5 training units
Pages: 42 Pages
Date of publication: 20.06.2016
Difficulty level: Three different levels for kiddies and young children

Handball training for kiddies and young children is different from handball training for older players and considerably different from handball training for competitive players. During their first contact with “handball”, kids should be familiarized with the ball in a playful way. They should be taught that being active, doing sports, playing together, and even playing against each other is fun.

This book contains a short introduction to handball for kiddies and young children and its special characteristics as well as example exercises which help to make your training units interesting and more diverse. Following this, there are five complete training units of different difficulty levels that focus on the basic handball techniques (dribbling, passing, catching, shooting, and defending in a game with opponents). The kids are playfully introduced to the subsequent handball-specific basics. At the same time, particular attention is payed to general physical experience and the development of coordination skills.

The exercises are illustrated and described in an easy, comprehensible manner. They can be immediately integrated in every training unit. By using the given training variants, you can easily adjust the difficulty level of the training units to the respective target group. The variants should also encourage you to modify and further develop the exercises to make each training unit a new and more diverse experience for the children.


Included training units:
- M1: Coordination with balloons and handballs (Stern)
- M2: Dribbling (SternSternStern)
- M3: Passing and catching (SternStern)
- M4: Shooting (SternStern)
- M5: Defending (SternSternStern)


Sample pictures:

Competition game with coordinationFolie4

Rhythm, orientationFolie2