Handball Practice 15 – Training of decision-making processes for back position players

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Title: Handball Practice 15 - Training of decision-making processes for back position players
ISBN: 978-3-95641-257-8
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No.: 6 training units
Pages: 69
Date of publication: 22.01.2020
Difficulty level: Different levels of difficulty and complexity for all age groups


In modern team handball, the back position players are under high pressure regarding decision-making processes. In fixed positional play, their decisions are often crucial with regard to success or failure of an attack. In order to make the right decision within a fraction of a second, the players must repeatedly do exercises that provide them with several options so that they can practice taking quick decisions. Which shooting variant is ideal? Should I play a 1-on-1 attack and shoot at the goal myself or should I pass the ball to get one of my teammates in a good shooting position? Should I initiate a crossing or do a parallel piston movement once my teammate leaps into action – which option would be most successful? How quick and how often players make the right decision often makes the difference and is a decisive factor regarding success or failure of an attack and the final score.

The six training units in this book provide multiple situations for back position players in which they have to take a decision. The first training unit deals with choosing a shooting variant and the right timing of a shot. In the subsequent training units, the players practice identifying the defense players’ movements and choosing the corresponding option depending on these movements. The players who are not in ball possession should also learn how to read the game, identify gaps, and make use of them in an ideal way. This will gradually result in a more diverse offensive play.

This book contains the following training units:
TU 1 - Training of stem shot variants for back position players – decision-making
TU 2 - Training of the decision-making behavior for back position players
TU 3 - Training of decision-making processes for back position players
TU 4 - Dynamic piston movement with decision-making – breaking through, crossing, or passing
TU 5 - Training of the decision-making process after shifting and crossing for back position players
TU 6 - Practicing and implementing crossing movements with continued playing options


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