012 - Pivot - Achieving positional advantages in small-group team play

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The objective of this training unit is to improve the positioning of the pivot. Following warm-up and a short game, the players practice passing to the pivot under difficult conditions and with different passing variants during the ball familiarization and goalkeeper warm-up shooting phases. Afterwards, there will be an individual exercise regarding the pivot’s screening followed by two small group exercises in which the interaction with the back position and wing players will be practiced. In a closing game, the players should implement what they practiced before.
Product number:   100012
Title:   Pivot – Achieving positional advantages in small-group team play
E-book format:   PDF
Duration:   90 minutes
Number of exercises:   8
Date of publication:    18 Oct 2018
Difficulty level:   SternStern Medium level (youth teams under 15 years of age and adult teams)
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Offense/IndividualTU 012


The training unit consists of the following key exercises:
- Warm-up/Stretching (individual exercise: 10 minutes/total time: 10 minutes)
- Short game (10/20)
- Ball familiarization (15/35)
- Goalkeeper warm-up shooting (10/45)
- Offense/Individual (10/55)
- Offense/Small groups (10/65)
- Offense/Small groups (10/75)
- Closing game (15/90)

Training unit total time: 90 minutes