Varied handball shooting drills - 60 exercises for every handball training unit

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Format: Paperback
Title: Varied handball shooting drills
  60 exercises for every handball training unit
ISBN: 978-3-95641-166-3
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No.: 60 individual exercises
Pages: 74
Date of publication: 16.02.2016
Difficulty level: Different levels of difficulty and complexity for all age groups

Shooting is a central component of team handball and must be practiced and improved regularly. Therefore, it is reasonable to integrate shooting series into training units from time to time. This collection of exercises contains 60 comprehensible practical drills focusing on this subject. They can be integrated in every training unit.

The exercises are divided into the following six categories and three difficulty levels (easy, medium, difficult):
- Technique
- hooting at fixed targets
- Series of shots at the goal
- Shooting training for specific playing positions
- Complex series of shots
- Shooting competitions

With these options, you can easily make your shooting trainings more diverse and create new approaches for every age group. Additional notes and possible variations should inspire you to further modify the exercises and to adjust them to your players’ level of performance.

This reference book contains 60 individual exercises.


Sample pictures:

Series of shots with coordination exercise  Folie48

Series of shots with previous reaction exerciseFolie62