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010 - Gaining positional advantage using passing feints

Gaining positional advantage using passing feintsGaining positional advantage using passing feints
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The key topics of this training unit are passing feints and how to combine them with a breakthrough or a return pass to a teammate. Following a warm-up running exercise, the players already learn how to pass the ball cleverly in a short game; this will be further developed in the ball familiarization phase. In the goalkeeper warm-up shooting exercise, the players practice passing feints in combination with a 1-on-1 breakthrough; in the subsequent series of shots, they combine the passing feint with a return pass to their teammate. Both variants will be implemented twice in the subsequent 1-on-1, 3-on-2, and 4-on-4 games.

Product number: 100010
Format: PDF
Date of Publication: 2018/10/18

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Sample Picture: Ball familiarization
TU 010

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