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021 - Defense training: Collaboration and prevention of breakthroughs

Defense training: Collaboration and prevention of breakthroughsDefense training: Collaboration and prevention of breakthroughs
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The purpose of this training unit is to practice how to actively get into physical contact and to collaborate in order to prevent breakthroughs. Following warm-up and a sprint contest, the players defend against the attacking players as a team during the first defense exercise. The following exercise focuses on defending against a single attacking player in teams of 2. Following the goalkeeper warm-up shooting, the players do a series of shots in combination with several 1-on-1 defense elements before they once again practice playing defense in teams of 2. During the closing exercise, the players implement what they practiced before in a 3-on-3 game-like setting.

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Date of Publication: 2019/04/01

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Sample Picture: Defense/Small groups
TU 021

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