Training of offensive defense systems in youth handball

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Offensive defense systems are one of the basic elements of youth handball – through creation of large spaces in width and depth, they promote the individual players’ development both as offense and defense players. In the first place, offensive man coverage should be practiced. Through clear, fixed coverage of their respective opponent, the defense players have a well-defined responsibility which may result in the development of their individual defense play. In small groups, the players practice how to interact with and support each other step by step before they learn how to play the first variants of a two-line zone defense (1-5 and 3-3 defense systems).

The exercises in this collection teach the basics of offensive defense play, with defending against the player in ball possession both by stealing the ball and 1-on-1, defending against players without a ball and shielding off the pivot, moving along with the opponent, and anticipatory defense play with interrupting passes and stealing the ball.

The second part of the collection deals with cooperation in small groups in order to defend against positional changes of the attacking players in the width and with a two-line defense play against back players and the pivot(s).

The last exercises consist of a drill series dealing with offensive man coverage and moving back to ball level as well as 1-5 and 3-3 defense systems before finally a more defensive, 3-2-1 defense system is introduced.

Content: 70 exercises

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Date of publication: 2019/09/11
ISBN: 978-3-95641-239-4
Pages: 87
Difficulty Level: Different levels of difficulty and complexity for all age groups
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