Special Handball Practice 3 – Training units and drills for goalkeepers

Special Handball Practice 3 – Training units and drills for goalkeepersSpecial Handball Practice 3 – Training units and drills for goalkeepers
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Goalkeepers are an integral part of the team and may have a great impact regarding the successful outcome of a game. In the daily training routine, however, it is not easy to support goalkeepers adequately. This can be achieved through special training units or exercises for goalkeepers in the second half of the court. Moreover, the team training should also include exercises that focus on the goalkeepers.

The first two training units in this book focus on goalkeeper training in particular. The field players do the exercises in parallel and serve as shooting players for the goalkeeper training. You may also integrate individual exercises of this training units into your usual team training.

The third training unit deals with fast break initiation and is suitable for the whole team. The units 3 and 4 may be used for team training, and individual exercises are also suitable for goalkeeper training (e.g. on the other half of the court), with only few shooting players needed. The exercises in the last chapter can be integrated in every training unit.

Content: 5 training units and 10 additional drills

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Product Number: 490051
Date of publication: 2020/03/25
ISBN: 978-3-95641-263-9
Pages: 67
Difficulty Level: Intermediate requirement (youth teams under 15 years of age and adult teams)
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