Potential with handball - Free-throws

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Title: Potential with handball - Free-throws
ISBN: 978-3-95641-272-1
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No.: 21 variants and additional preparatory exercises (49 drills)
Pages: 68
Date of publication: 30.04.2020
Difficulty level: Different levels of difficulty and complexity 


“Potential with handball – Free-throws” is the third topic Felix Linden, 2nd national handball league coach at HSG Krefeld, highlights for the handball-uebungen.de series. Felix Linden sees a lot of potential with free-throw situations – either through direct shots or subsequent playing variants – that is not yet taken full advantage of.

In this book, Felix Linden highlights free-throws in various game situations.

Following some general preparatory exercises in the first chapter, the second chapter focuses on the fact that the defense players have to keep a distance of three meters to the attacking player carrying out the free-throw. After the free-throw has been carried out by passing the ball out of the block, the attacking players have to put pressure on the defense immediately. Subsequently, the players’ decision-making behavior will be highlighted, as it is of essential importance for successful shots at the goal.

In the chapters 3 and 4, the players develop specific variants that particularly focus on free-throw situations with a forewarning signal for passive play and a limited number of passes left.

Following this, there is a chapter with fixed sequences that can be used immediately after a free-throw. The players should take advantage of the fact that they can create specific playing situations through smart positioning of the attacking players.

The last chapter deals with practicing free-throws in the training environment and adapting closing games in such a way that the free-throw variants can be implemented in almost real-game situations.

Sample pictures:

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