Special Handball Training 1 - Step-by-step training of a 3-2-1 defense system

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Format: Paperback
Title: Special Handball Practice 1
  Step-by-step training of a 3-2-1 defense system
ISBN: 978-3-95641-220-2
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No.: 6 methodically elaborated 90-minute training units that are based on each other and develop the 3-2-1 defense system step by step
Pages: 61
Date of publication: 15.09.2018
Difficulty level: Intermediate requirement (youth teams under 15 years of age and adult teams)


The 3-2-1 defense system is an excellent strategy to put the attacking players under pressure in their initial actions. This often results in quick turnovers and fast breaks. However, a good basic fitness as well as a thorough 1-on-1 defense training are prerequisite for this. To make your youth training comprehensive, include practicing the 3-2-1 defense system as a mandatory element.

As in each volume of the handball-uebungen.de series, this book has its focus on practical exercises which can be integrated in each handball training unit. Get inspired, learn how to develop a 3-2-1 defense system, and don’t forget to be creative on your own! A short theoretical introduction to the general training schedule will help you to integrate training units into your own annual schedule.


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