018 - Breaking away from man coverage using running feints

Breaking away from man coverage using running feintsBreaking away from man coverage using running feints
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This training unit focuses on breaking away from man coverage without a ball, by means of running feints. Following warm-up, a sprint contest with changes of direction, and a team ball variant, the players practice quick changes of direction one more time during the goalkeeper warm-up shooting exercise. Subsequently, there will be an individual offense exercise focusing on breaking away by means of running feints. The players will further elaborate this topic in two small group exercises and finally implement what they practiced before in free play.

Product number: 100018
Format: PDF
Date of Publication: 2018/10/18

Contents: (time individual exercise/total time in minutes)

  • Warm-up/Stretching (10/10)
  • Sprint contest (10/20)
  • Short game (10/30)
  • Goalkeeper warm-up shooting (10/40)
  • Offense/Individual (15/55)
  • Offense/Small groups (10/65)
  • Offense/Small groups (15/80)
  • Closing game (10/90)

Sample Picture: Offense/Small groups
TU 018

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017 - Acting against the defending wing position player with a physically stronger pivot
020 - Intense speed strength/speed strength endurance training with various running directions
024 - Shooting training with a small group of players (5 players plus 1 goalkeeper)

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